Infilink Certified Installer ICI Training

Become part of the biggest change in the Network Infrastructure Industry FOR many years. The ICI® is shaping the future of the networking Industry. The Infilink Certified Installer “ICI ®”, through its program and certification, is helping shape the future of the network cabling infrastructure industry by introducing professional and industry- recognized certification to cable installers.

Who is the training intended for?
This type of training is intended mainly for installation companies.

When and where does the training take place?
The training for installation companies is usually organized twice a year and is a 2-day event.

What will you learn from the training?
In addition to the theoretical knowledge, the Infilink training puts emphasis on practical skills needed for installing structured cabling components, its correct testing, failed tests handling etc.

The training is divided into the following parts:

  • Introduction to structured cabling
    1. History of computer networks, network topology, standards overview, categories and classes, developments and trends
    2. Cable constructions, principle of signal transfer, testing topologies, performance parameters, what to do in case the test shows failed results
  • The Infilink structured cabling system – introduction of Infilink technical products, their parameters and key features
  • 10GBaseT and 40GBaseT – what is new in structured cabling, what to expect in the upcoming future
  • Installing structured cabling – procedures and technical information on planning and installing structured cabling
  • Fiber optics and its use in computer networks – basics of fiber components usage, types of fiber optic cables and other components
  • Practical part – installation and testing
  • Final test

What is the output of the training?
All participants will receive a certificate, which will authorize them to offer an Extended Warranty for Infilink products. Besides this certificate, each participant will receive the materials used during the training (i.e. the printed presentations, product catalogues etc.). Each installation company will also receive a set of Infilink components and installation tools. The certificate validity period is 3 years.

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